We realize that every client is unique, and every situation is different, which is why many turn to Salvation Tax Services.  Our knowledge, expertise, and reviews are only a portion of our business. When businesses and individuals choose to work with us, in most cases, it distills down to a single word: Trust.

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    Industry Knowledge & Expertise

    Even though you and/or your internal staff may have experience within the realm of taxation and financing…we specialize in it. There may be a tax code change, IRA regulation update, a new tool, and/or perhaps a new opportunity that could save you thousands of dollars. Why not make a small investment that could yield a greater return?
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    Providing Low Cost Solutions

    We assess each project individually, analyze the scope of work, & then provide pricing afterwards. No project is the same so no pricing should be either. Individuals find that the investment in retaining us as their long-term partner is far more cost effective than the alternative, which entails purchasing software which they may not know how to use or hiring an individual whom may spend countless labor hours trying to find information that a team would already know. In working with us you have a full house financial and tax department at your fingertips.
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    Security Is Important To Us

    Many firms ask for documentation, but how do you send it? is it safe? whom has access to it? All of these questions are valid concerns, considering many records contain personal information such as social security numbers, EIN’s, financial statements, and more. We provide information on how to transfer your documentation in the safest way while providing reassurance that your information is safe. Some businesses don’t invest in security, but we do.
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    We've Invested in Being Virtual

    Us being virtual means we’ve invested in the tools and instruments to create a process that allows us to render service to you without you having to leave or home or office. You can call us & even text us, email us, video chat with us, and even use social media to communicate if that’s what you’re most comfortable with. We’ve realized the best way to connect with you is by using a tool that you’re familiar with, so there’s no big learning curve.
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    We're Flexible & Agile

    We understand many will simply want to try things on their own, & only want us to assist if there’s a question or a problem…we’ll still help you. It doesn’t matter whether you need us from start to finish, in the middle of your process, or simply at the end to review it all; we’re honored to be a part of the procedure. From completing taxes for a multimilion dollar corporation to simply sending a screenshot of something you’re stuck on in Turbo Tax…we’ll assist. We want our clients to select the option that works best for them, and we believe comfort & convenience are both priorities.
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    Educating Clients Is Paramount

    Some customers simply don’t want to know about our process, because it seems too complex and/or they’re disinterested & that’s just fine! Although some clients and businesses would like to learn how to do certain preliminary tasks, specific duties, and/or review checks on their own. This could save tons of dollars by not having us do it, but more so it gives individuals an educational insight to what’s transpiring with their hard earned dollars. We’ll provide guides, customized documentation, and even videos to better guide our clientele.
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    Quality Assured Business Operations

    Someone helped you file your taxes but did you receive the correct refund? Will the IRS come back later for a past tax return? Have you implemented the correct payroll software for your business? Does your financial department have the correct financial management system? Do you know if you’re budgeting your money the correct way? These are tons of questions that you should ask yourself before & even after you hire someone. Solutions can be rendered, but are they long term and quality assured? We specialize in making sure we’re not just providing a solutions to problems, but lasting results.